Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back in the Saddle

Hello folks.
It's been... er... two years just about.

Sorry for the absence.

Things got a little dicey out there in the dating world.  And more than a little lacklustre and boring.  So I too a little break from both dating and blogging.

But ever the optimist (with way too many opinions) I've ventured out looking for the right man once again.

It's still not much prettier out there than I remember.

My return to dating was marked by an internet date with a nice guy... with whom I had zero chemistry. Followed by a couple friend-of-friend hook ups... neither advisable or particularly worth the trouble.

And then there came the Stealth Date.

This is the date where an old co-worker/acquaintance sends you a message wondering if you're free to catch up over drinks next week.  I'm sure you've experienced something like it.  You're not sure if it's friendly or if it's a proper date.  You convince yourself that it's not a date... after all this time you're surprised he even knows who you are much less has any romantic designs on you.

This makes dressing easier... sort of.

So you meet at a quiet local resto, sit at bar, order some wine.

In the first five minutes you're shocked you didn't know what a good conversationalist he is.

After the first glass, you're glad he orders a second, because he gets your jokes and likes your use of the word "sycophantic".

When you look up after the fourth glass of wine and realize the establishment is empty save for the three staff members at the far end of the bar who are trying not to look on encouragingly, you're sorry it looks like the evening is at an end.

So you don't disagree when he walks you up the street and suggests stopping at a bar for bourbon.

But the best part is, just when you're thinking to yourself, "hey maybe this IS a date!" he takes a shot and plants a flawless kiss on you outside the bar.

Yep.  That one snuck up on me.
If you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend a Stealth Date.

I'm still working out where this is all going (one of the drawbacks of the Stealth Date is it sometimes comes with some Cryptic Communications) but I'll keep you posted, good or bad.

It's good to be back in the saddle, folks.
Enjoy the ride.

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